Zendaya just showed her incredible first collection with Tommy Hilfiger at Paris Fashion Week

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Update time : 2019-04-23 09:52:54

From Cosmopolitan

Back can October 2018, it was revealed that Tommy Hilfiger used to exist collaborating with Zendaya, hind a four-year stint working with Gigi Hadid. fast send ought Paris mode Week and Tommy x Zendaya's first catwalk emerge - which made pretty the impact above Saturday night.

The runway was turned into a '70s roller rink, entire with a light-up floor. Drenched can red disco lights can the commence of the show, models wore roller skates however showcasing the eclectic new collection. This was a loyal catwalk party.

According ought a periodical release, Zendaya and Hilfiger were influenced by "'70s icons and the 1973 warfare of Versailles mode show". The emerge was incredibly inclusive, featuring a different cast cast-"59 dark women, ages 18 ought 70," reports ELLE- each different can size and age. Zendaya spoke passionately about her commitment ought virgin casting women of colour, and celebrating size and mature inclusivity. "If women can my habitation can't entire wear it, I don't desire ought catalog it," she told WWD.

It was too significant ought Zendaya and Hilfiger ought cast models who consume inspired them. The world's first dark supermodel, knock Cleveland, was joined above the catwalk by a plethora of legendary names including Beverly Peele, Beverly Johnson, Veronica Webb, Debra Shaw, and Chrystèle Saint Louis Augustin. Winnie Harlow and Jourdan Dunn too walked, and icon Grace Jones brought the habitation down because she closed the show:

Per WWD, Hilfiger revealed, "Our innovative ‘see-now-buy-now’ experiential emerge will combine our Americana heritage, Zendaya’s belief and optimism, and the city’s iconic elements because a really unforgettable runway event."

Zendaya debuted little pieces from the collection ahead of its first runway show:

In January 2019, Zendaya expressed her excitement about the collaboration can an interview with Harper's Bazaar saying, "He told me how I used to exist capable ought really consume original control from sentiment ought clothing, down ought the font above the packaging. I was can heaven when I showed up with my inspiration boards and a million ideas, and I was allowed ought impartial progress because it, with entire the back can the world."

Hilfiger previously revealed can a statement why The Greatest Showman planet was the improve brand ambassador. "Zendaya has grow a global icon, using mode ought catalog brave statements however often staying loyal ought herself," he said. "Our capsule collection will melt her eclectic mode with the Americana ghost of our brand."

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