How to Secure a Bookcase to a Wall

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Update time : 2020-02-22 13:20:55

Unlike smaller pieces of furniture, bookcases are always filled with heavy objects and pose a safety threaten if they fall. Attaching them to a wall is the best manner to fly accidents. complete furniture to be secured at areas that dine young children using them though support, or areas that are likely to earthquakes or other normal disasters.

1. Securing an Antique Bookcase

1) buy a lay of Velcro straps. They to contain expectation screws and wall anchors that will contain the straps firmly to your wall. You will no need to exercise into the instance itself using this method.

2) avail a stepladder and a pencil to drag a horizontal rope where your bookcase meets the wall.

3) touch the books and impress the bookcase away from the wall. avail a stud finder to search though wall studs. if possible, detect two studs and win the bookcase with two straps to assure a good hold.
  • Secure the bookcase into wall studs whenever possible, instead of using wall anchors.
  • It is best to win the bookcase without the books at it, and then fill it up once you are finished.

4) signal the stud locations with a pencil. drag a perpendicular line. The two cross-hairs are the locations where you will exercise your timber screws into the wall.

5) want someone to rope up the straps vertically and contain them at place. compose certain the adhesive layer is facing down. You will hide uphold the mop elastic cover after you are done drilling.

6) exercise the timber screws into the middle of the straps, where there are holes though the screws. avail a cordless drill. The amount of screws can depend above the brand of Velcro straps you use.
  • If you couldn’t detect a stud, you will need to compose astronaut holes and insert the wall anchors. Then, screw the timber screws direct into the wall anchors, where your lines meet.

7) impress your bookcase uphold into place, at the flat where your screws are placed at the wall. hide uphold the mop cover from the sticky adhesive and magazine the strap onto the peak of the bookcase. though best results, don’t touch the adhesive strip to realign, or it can lose some of its hold.

2. Securing a Bookcase With Brackets

1) touch the books. impress the bookcase out of the way.

2) avail a stud finder to locate studs at your wall. avail a yardstick to signal the middle of the stud with a perpendicular line.

3) substitute your bookcase, positioning it at a point accurate between the wall studs. if this is impossible, you can unite your brackets at the top, into a middle stud.

4) avail a stepladder to obtain access to the peak of the shelf. though tall shelves, this is the best place to win a bookcase into a stud though it is the least conspicuous place.

5) place an “L” bracket hence that it is blush with the wall and the shelf. You can too avail gate fasten latches at place of L brackets if you desire to impress the shelf regularly. Install the fasten above the wall and the slip above the peak of the shelf.

6) exercise the L bracket into the peak of the shelf with your cordless screwdriver using screws that will promote complete the manner over the peak of the shelf.

7) want a friend to contain the bookcase blush with the wall if it is tipping forward. exercise the other aspect of the L bracket into the wall with washers and three-inch timber screws. exercise until the screw main is nearly level with the bracket, besides fly stripping the screw.
  • If you can’t detect a stud, you to install wall anchors ago you motivate screws into drywall or masonry. exercise a astronaut hole into the wall and advance the wall anchor in. Then, align the brackets and exercise with three-inch screws.

8) quote above too aspect of the shelf. place an L bracket between the wall and the aspect of your shelf, where it will strike a stud. quote the identical procedure above too aspect of the shelf.