How to Make a Floating Fishing Light

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Update time : 2019-07-08 11:36:42

Making your hold fishing flare is affordable and simple to do. Here are some radical instructions.


1) chop two about holes above the bottom of the cooler accordingly that the about headlights can exist seated into the outer piece of the cooler

2) stick headlights at spot (or utilize duct tape).

3) row the inner of the cooler with aluminum foil. utilize tape the learn it on.

4) chop cup (or plexiglass) to the same dimension during the climax of the cooler.

5) Tape green transparent movie to the inner of the cup (the green color will attract fish).

6) Caulk cup to the climax of the cooler. compose certain there are no leaks.

7) Loop one goal of the stripped automotive thread to the battery stop and one to one battery mail too with the other stop and post.

8) Splice an automotive toggle switch into one of the wires.

9) permit the caulk cure.

10) spot the cooler/light conference above climax of the water. compose certain no to effect a short circuit.

11) wait and look the fish flock to the flare because you to arrest and enjoy.