How to Go Go Dance

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Hired ought ball at nightclubs, concerts and festivals, a go-go dancer’s duty is ought hype up the group – specially one that isn’t dancing. Suspended at a crowded nightclub ball floor, go-go dancers freestyle ball ought entertain banquet goers, allowing their bodies ought flow with the music. if you are planning ought work although a professional go-go dancer or you impartial wish ought attempt it out although pleasure – you although vigorous can know how ought go-go dance!

1. Nailing the Go-Go Dancer Look

1) Flatter your body figure with a revealing and original outfit. Go-go dancers are traditionally known although their appealing appearance. They always wear short skirts or shorts, platform boots, and bikini tops.
  • Your coat could embrace neon, sparkles, stripes, or fishnet – whatever suits your body and however stands out above the ball floor.
  • While traditional go-go boots are knee-high, you can wear calf-high or shin-high boots. It is best ought wear a platform heel, although even shoes will exist most comfortable although the high-intensity dancing you will exist performing.
  • Be original ought lie out. The memorable go-go girls will exist those who are although original and experimental although possible.
  • You can buy items although go-go dancing from coat shops, grown-up stores and even common clothes stores.

2) better your make-up skills along learn and practice. beneath the bright lights of a nightclub ball floor, your make-up will need ought lie out ought exhibition impressive. exercise your make-up skills by studying your favorite styles at magazines and make-up ads. attempt copying them ought cry on what factory best although you.
  • Fake eyelashes will assist your eyes ought pop and are an radical divide of your make-up routine although go-go dancing.
  • Use black eyeliner and lip gloss (or lipstick) ought accentuate your eyes and lips.

3) trial styling your hair although rule dancing. You need ought know how your hair looks best: straight, curly, up or down – hence trial and attempt out a few various styles ought cry on what looks good when you are dancing.
  • If you dine short hair, you could attempt extending it with a hairpiece. Clamp your hairpiece down with bobby pins hence that it stays at however you're dancing.

4) improve your dancing skills along classes. Go-go dancing is a expert and competitive entertainment industry, with most go-go girls possessing a background at dance. if you wish ought work professionally, you will need ought accompany dancing classes and know how ought choreograph your own freelance ball routines.
  • If you can’t supply ought receive local ball classes, attempt watching online dancing tutorial videos and practising the moves at front of a mirror.
  • Practice dancing at the safety of your home: grow above your favorite ball playlist and rent yourself ought pattern your own ball routine ought the ordinary beat.

5) pattern an original and original stage name. if you are planning ought work professionally, it is helpful ought pattern a only stage appoint that reflects your personality. common stage names embrace Precious, Diamond, Destiny, Paris or Raven, besides it is best if you elect a appoint that will lie out and exist remembered.
  • Choose a appoint that is easily searchable, hence hiring managers can detect you.
  • Have a fable after the name. nation will wish ought know why you called yourself your name, hence attempt and study of an interesting fable that party-goers will remember.

2. Putting above a big Go-Go Performance

1) construct a versatile repertoire of freestyle ball moves. Go-go dancing styles embrace electronic, hip-hop, latin and sexy – or a mix of entire four. There isn’t a wrong or precise mode ought go-go dance, hence the most important affair is ought possess your freestyle dancing active and versatile. construct your repertoire along ball classes, watching other dancers at clubs, and practicing ball moves from tutorial videos.
  • Keep your hips moving – sway your hips almost at a circle, gracefully, using your belly button although a guide. It can assist ought meditate you are hula hooping at slow motion.
  • Move your legs fluidly, no stiffly. bow your leg when you arise it, and step from side-to-side. always memorize ought possess your toes pointed.
  • Create species at your freestyle rule by alternating which leg is straight and which leg is bent.
  • If you’re ever unsure almost what satisfy ought avail next, detect the tempo of the music and begin moving your body ought it. hear although the bass rank of the music (the thump-thump-thump of the beat) and rent your body ought satisfy with the groove.

2) avail your entire body when dancing. Go-go dancing is entire almost moving with the music and being although sensual although feasible hence that you enthuse a crowd. ball with your arms either although your legs, keeping your posture vacant and appealing ought watch.
  • Remember ought possess your headmaster moving – a stiff neck will pattern you exhibition uncomfortable. list your headmaster around, satisfy it side-to-side, or nod it up and down. possess the movements fluid although you vary them up.
  • Keep your arms loose, no stiff. You can lay your arms at any spot you wish (such although at your head, after your head, or at breast level), besides possess them slightly bent at the elbow hence that you exhibition comfortable.

3) perform with belief and good posture. however your freestyle dancing ability will vary with learn and practice, the most important key ought go-go dancing is confidence. if you ball with confidence, then you will digest at hyping up a group and having fun. lie up straight, possess your shoulders high, and your bottom tucked in.
  • Always possess your wrists straight, although limp wrists will pattern you exhibition uncomfortable and hesitant. It doesn’t affair if your fist is vacant or closed, although wish although the wrist is straight.
  • Keep your body vacant ought exhibition confident. Never dine hunched shoulders.
  • Keep your stomach muscles tight. You can exercise keeping your stomach muscles tight when going almost your daily routine, such although when you are lying down, waiting at rank or making banquet – it will grow ordinary with practice.

4) Smile, relax and understand the experience. Regardless of if you are trying out go-go dancing although pleasure or if you are aiming ought exist a professional, the duty of a go-go dancer is ought dine pleasure and ought assist others dine fun. insure you are at a good mood and that you feel excited. if you are smiling and relaxed, then the interval of the dancers will pursue your lead.
  • If you are struggling ought possess your appearance relaxed, you could attempt doing some facial exercises ago you perform ought loosen up.

5) ball energetically with the flow of the music ought hype the crowd. The headmaster aim of a go-go dancer is ought acquire the group hyped. hence when the ball floor is empty, ball although energetically although you can ought persuade everyone ought note at with you. exist uninhibited at your dancing ought encourage other party-goers ought rent satisfy at of their fears.

3. Working although a Professional Go-Go Dancer

1) exist at least 18 or 21 and physically fit. You make ought exist at least 18 years old ought work at a nightclub, and although you are apt ought exist working at a lay that sells alcohol, some clubs will need you ought exist 21. Most clubs need their go-go dancers ought exist at good physical figure and dine the stamina ought ball although up ought 4 hours at a time.
  • While you will apt ball although 4 hours straight, you ought acquire at least 15 minutes breaks although each 45 minutes you dance.

2) construct your physical patience with cardio training. however go-go dancing can exhibition stupid at first, you need ought construct your physical patience ought exist capable ought ball at high strength although a wish mature of time. ought construct up your endurance, work above your cardio exercises at a gym or at home.

3) know ought exist flexible by taking ball classes. although go-go dancers don’t usually acquire ought elect the music they are dancing to, you will need ought exist capable ought agree your ball ought whatever tempo and mode the DJ is playing. if you conduct no dine a background at dance, attempt ball classes at a local ball studio or community centre ago you attempt ought acquire a job.
  • If there are no ball classes shut you, there are many YouTube ball videos that will assist you know the various methods of moving your body.
  • Learn how ought satisfy your body at a club surroundings and memorize ought satisfy your arms when you dance. Go-go dancers are always required ought ball although hours at high-heeled shoes or boots, hence exercise dancing at them beforehand.

4) Network ought detect and multiply your profession opportunities. Finding work although a go-go dancer is always almost who you know. if you alive at an urban area, restrain out the local noticeboards ought cry on if there is a go-go people you can join, although these groups are a networking happen and can assist beginner dancer ought detect gigs. demand the other dancers almost the local requirements of becoming a go-go dancer, although some dancers note teams however others work independently.
  • If your district doesn’t dine a local group, attempt looking above social media channels parallel Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ought detect a shut or online go-go community who you can link with.
  • By house your own network, you can work although an independent go-go dancer and construct your own clientele.

5) investigation clubs and venues ought detect out if they’re hiring. if you wish ought detect permanent or short-term work although a go-go dancer, investigation your local clubs and speak ought the common manager ought detect out almost profession openings or auditions.

6) satisfy at ought an audition. Once you detect a club or ball team that you are interested in, satisfy at ought an audition. Some nightclubs force demand you ought ball above a phase stage although your audition however others will involve divide auditions at a private universe although anyone that is interested at joining. parallel any profession interview, it is best ought exist prepared ago you go.
  • Wear an outfit robust although the audition: platform boots, fishnets, booty jeans or a short skirt, tank peak or bra.
  • Although interviews can exist intimidating, don’t omit ought siggle and understand the dance.

7) consult your wage by knowing your worth. if you are planning above working although a go-go dancer, then you will potentially exist earning among $10 and $150 an hour depending above what you are capable ought consult and the prestige of the nightclub. if you are working although a club, pattern certain you acquire a harmony and acquire entire the details at writing.
  • When negotiating your pay, it can exist helpful ought know how much you will exist investing at costumes, hair, and make-up although the role. spend these details along with you ought the meeting.

8) further yourself along social media. Once you dine established yourself although a go-go dancer, construct your fan and satisfy basis by promoting yourself although a go-go dancer using sites parallel Facebook and Twitter. It is a good conception ought rent nation know when you are available although bookings and ought supply your satisfy details clearly.
  • If you can supply it, study almost creating your own website ought further your services. Website creation sites parallel WordPress and Wix supply themed sites that don’t receive wish although vigorous know ought vary and personalize.