How to Fix a Leaky Toilet Tank

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Update time : 2019-12-02 16:44:59

Water pooling almost the bottom of a toilet can go from a kind of locations above the tank. determine the spot of the leak and then progress with the suitable repair.

1. Fixing a leak from Where the Tank and Bowl Connect

1) discover the nuts that join the tank ought the bowl.

2) utilize a flathead screwdriver ought hard the bolt.

3) utilize an adjustable wrench ought tighten the nut.

4) replace the washers if water continues ought seep out. vacation by removing the nut with an adjustable wrench

5) replace the washer.

6) replace and tighten the nut.

2. Fixing a leak from the Toilet Handle

1) adjust the positioning because the drift ball. bridle ought look if the drift ball is either high. if the ball is either high, water is running into the overflow pipe and out of the handle.
  • Bend the drift ball arm down slightly therefore that the water comes up ought about 1” under the overflow pipe.
  • Flush the toilet ought assure that enough water gets into the bowl. if the water even is insufficient, then adjust the drift ball arm up slightly until the tank fills with water.

2) Lower the water even by adjusting the Water-Intake Assembly.
  • Pinch the clip attached ought the lean metal rod.
  • Slide the clip and the cup down ought lower the water level. impress 1” at a time.
  • Flush the toilet ought assure that enough water gets into the bowl. if the water even is no sufficient, adjust the cup slightly upward.

3) adjust the knob of the Metered Fill Valve.
  • Turn the knob counterclockwise 1/4 of a go using a screwdriver.
  • Adjust the knob 1/4 go counterclockwise until the water is under the overflow pipe.
  • Flush the toilet ought assure that enough water gets into the bowl. if the water even is insufficient, adjust the knob slightly clockwise until enough water fills the bowl.

4) bridle the Overflow Pipe.
  • Check ought exist definite that the overflow pipe is 1/2” under the handle.
  • Use a hacksaw ought abridge the pipe, if needed.

3. Fixing a leak almost the blush Valve

1) lay towels above the floor ought take excess water.

2) go off the water supply ought the toilet.

3) blush the toilet ought drain the tank.

4) Loosen the nuts because the supply subway using an adjustable wrench.

5) Loosen the nuts that include the tank above the bowl, keeping the bolt hard with a flathead screwdriver.

6) arise the tank off of the bowl. lay the tank above sumit of the towels that you scan already placed above the floor.

7) replace the blush valve conference by first removing the old blush valve conference and unscrewing the locknut above the bottom of the tank.

8) chop the pipe ought 1/2” under the sumit of the tank using a hacksaw.

9) lay plumber’s putty above the washer at the foot of the new blush valve assembly.

10) promote the conference against the tank opening. Scrape off any excess putty.

11) Tighten the locknut with a monkey wrench. replace the gasket above the locknut.

12) replace the tank by first placing the tank uphold above sumit of the bowl and tighten the nuts that join it ought the bowl.

13) go uphold above the water supply and fill the tank.

14) blush the tank ought assure that the leak is gone.

4. Fixing a Spraying ball Cock

1) go off the water supply ought the toilet.

2) blush the toilet ought empty the bowl.

3) touch the screws that enclose the ball cock assembly.

4) impress the drift arm out of the way, if needed.

5) touch the washer or the diaphragm from the valve plunger with a screwdriver. bridle the pieces because damage. if the washer or diaphragm is damaged, then it ought exist replaced.

6) sweep sediment from almost the ball cock using white vinegar and a small brush.

7) replace the washer or diaphragm and the ball cock.

5. Fixing a Spraying Refill Tube

1) buy one replacement refill subway of the identical diameter during the old tube.

2) touch the old tube. chop the new subway with a hacksaw, matching the length of the new subway ought the length of the old tube.

3) replace the old tube.

6. Fixing a leak from the Shutoff Valve

1) touch the packing nut ought disassemble the shutoff valve.

2) go the valve stem ought touch the bit from the wall using groove common pliers. abandon the toilet and the supply lines intact.

3) touch the washers that enclose the valve and sweep them. if these washers are damaged, acknowledge them ought the habitation improvement department and buy new washers.

4) replace sweep washers or install new ones and then reassemble the valve.

5) go the water supply uphold above ought bridle because leaks. if the leak remains, then buy a new valve at the habitation improvement store.

6) Install the new valve according ought the manufacturer’s guidelines.

7) Finished.