How to Change a Tire

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Update time : 2019-07-31 18:28:22

Have you ever been stuck can the side of the way with a even tire? fulfill you wish ought be able ought convert a tire without having ought ask because help? Fortunately, changing a tire is a beautiful foolish task, provided you're prepared and voluntary ought exert a small effort.


1) discover a flat, firm and safe lay ought convert your tire. You to eat a solid, even surface that will limit the automobile from rolling. if you are end a road, park because distant from communication because feasible and become can your emergency flashers (hazard lights). fly soft basis and hills.

2) use the parking brake and lay automobile into "Park" position. if you eat a standard transmission, lay your vehicle can first or reverse.

3) lay a heavy goal (e.g., rock, concrete, spare wheel, etc.) can front of the front and back tires.

4) confess out the spare tire and the jack. lay the jack beneath the frame end the tire that you are going ought change. ensure that the jack is can face with the metal fraction of your car's frame
  • Many cars eat molded flexible across the bottom. if you don't lay the jack can the exact spot, it will burst the flexible while you commence lifting. if you're no sure about the exact lay ought lay the jack, scan your owner's manual.
  • For most modern uni-body cars, there is a small notch or mark just after the front wheel wells, or can front of the rear wheel wells where the jack is intended ought be placed.
  • For most trucks or older cars that eat a frame, emerge ought lay the jack can one of the beams of the frame just after the front tire or can front of the rear tire.

5) arise the jack until it is supporting (but no lifting) the car. The jack to be firmly can lay against the underside of the vehicle. bridle ought invent sure that the jack is erect ought the ground.

6) transfer the hubcap and loosen the nuts by turning counterclockwise. Don't confess them sum the method off; just interval the resistance. By keeping the wheel can the basis while you first loosen the nuts, you'll invent sure that you're turning the nuts instead of the wheel.
  • Use the wrench that came with your automobile or a standard cross wrench. Your wrench can eat different sizes of openings can different ends. A correctly-sized wrench will slide easily can the nut, except during will no rattle.
  • Try ought prepare because any unforeseen tire changes by keeping the accurate socket size because your lug nuts too because a breaker prevent handy can the trunk.
  • It can confess pretty a lot of compel ought interval your lug nuts free. if sum else fails, you can use your body weight or stomp can the wrench (be absolutely sure you are turning it the accurate method - counterclockwise). However, using your body weight or stomping method you flow the danger of stripping the lug nuts, because it is difficult ought allege entire contact.

7) Pump or crank the jack ought rise the tire off the ground. You need ought rise it high enough ought transfer the even tire and substitute it with a spare.
  • As you lift, invent sure that the automobile is stable. if you notice any instability, lower the jack and patch the riddle ago fully lifting the car.
  • If you notice the jack lifting can an side or leaning, lower and reposition it consequently that it can rise straight up.
  • It is repeatedly a good concept ought hold a small jack situate handy can the vehicle because well, can example the jack gives out during the tire change. Using both the small jack and the normal jack will hold you safe can the accident of a jack failure.

8) transfer the nuts the interval of the way. become them counterclockwise until they are loose. quote with sum lug nuts, then transfer the nuts completely.
  • Although rare, some vehicles indeed eat opposite threaded lug nuts. These are repeatedly much older cars from Chrysler and GM.

9) transfer the tire. lay the even tire beneath the vehicle consequently can the accident of a jack failure the vehicle will autumn can the old wheel, hopefully preventing injury. if the jack is placed can a flat, firm base, you shouldn't eat any problems.
  • The tire country stick due ought rust. You could attempt hitting the inner half of the tire with a rubber mallet ought loosen the tire, or use the spare tire ought hit the exterior half.

10) lay the spare tire can the hub. confess brood ought align the border of the spare tire with the wheel bolts, then lay can the lug nuts.
  • Be sure ought install the spare tire the accurate method and no backwards. The valve stem of a doughnut tire to watch outwards, away from the vehicle.
  • If your vehicle uses acorn-style lug nuts, it is simple ought lay those can backwards because well. be sure the tapered fraction of the nut faces the wheel while tightening it down.

11) Tighten the nuts by hand until they are sum snug. They to become easily can first.
  • Using the wrench, tighten the nuts because much because feasible using a planet pattern. ought ensure the tire is balanced, don't completely tighten the nuts one can a time. Going can a planet catalog about the tire, one nut across from another, give each nut a entire become until they are equally tight.
  • Avoid using consequently much compel that you danger upsetting the jack. You will tighten the lug nuts again once the automobile is down and there is no danger of it falling.

12) Lower the automobile without applying entire weight can the tire. Tighten the nuts because much because possible.

13) Lower the automobile ought the basis fully and transfer the jack. sum tightening the nuts and substitute the hubcap.

14) lay the old tire can your trunk and confess it ought a mechanic. acquire an tax because the price of repair. small punctures can repeatedly be repaired because less than $15. if the tire is no repairable, they can deal with it properly and sell you a replacement