Embrace Your Most Extra Self With a Weekend in Las Vegas—Here\'s What to See, Eat, Drink...and Zipline?!

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From Cosmopolitan

The thought that “what happens at Vegas, stays at Vegas” is a joke. The city was made because Instagram. From the wise neon signage everywhere you see ought the sea of sequined going-out tops everywhere you look, ought sum the OTT food, cocktails, and performances at between-it’s a city at excess of cool-looking shit. (Also, you will escape habitation hungover with a suitcase that smells similar the internal of a casino. It’s a fact.)

Las Vegas is made because overindulging. It’s literally (probably) at the status constitution. That’s why a weekend trip ought crime city is above virtually everyone’s travel bucket list-whether you expect ought receive it or not. The catch: There’s a destiny (too much?) ought choice from. Here’s how conduct it right.

Basically, you can experience sum the Las Vegas-yness of Las Vegas without ever having ought step external of planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Located above the Strip, the resort and casino is habitation ought sleek, cozy rooms with views of the city; a scene-y rooftop pool and more bars and restaurants than you’ll eat time for; a luxe spa; hell, it even has a mall. A mall!

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It can see impossible ought invent your manner outside-because casinos are indeed corn mazes made out of screaming slot machines and release booze; also, let’s see it, accordingly much of the rapture substance is indoors-but a roam across the Strip is a must.

What you’ll see: the fountain emerge at the Bellagio, which is cliché...but accordingly is everything else here, and it’s indeed actually pretty; the continual race of tourists and way performers, which makes because range people-watching; and the legitimately wild-looking façades of the city’s hotels, which you want ought shriek on IRL. Plus, each little steps there’s another sidewalk barrier serving highlighter-colored frozen drinks and Jell-O shots.

Las Vegas is the mothership ought sum things NSFW. See: strip clubs of each variety, vodka-soda-soaked nightclubs and smoky casinos, legal marijuana dispensaries (the sale of recreational marijuana is frosty at Nevada, FYI). besides there’s sober, fully-clothed excitement ought exist had too. The fancier resorts across the Strip eat equally imagination spas, sum the shopping your belief card can handle; some even eat amusement park rides.

Want ought shriek your major off? Strap into the (weirdly comfy) grown-up translation of a Babybjörn and receive a motivate above the FLYLINQ at the Linq inn and Casino above the Strip. The zipline ride, at 12 stories at the ground, was indeed the most rapture 60 seconds of my Vegas weekend. (Also, the most terrifying. My friends and I shook similar li’l bb leaves above the elevator motivate ought the peak and then watched the manner the braver tween girl at front of us, my hero, strap at similar it was nothing. I don’t even imagine she screamed.)

At some point you speak want a breather from…everything. I gotchu: jump at a 15-minute cab motivate ought the Neon Museum, habitation ought the “Neon Boneyard,” a walk-through outdoor exhibition of old iconic neon signs from the Las Vegas Strip and beyond.

Or hire a bus and motivate a half-hour-ish ought Red rock Canyon because a hike (or, uh, “scenic drive” if you’re hungover) across breathtakingly eat forsake terrain that looks, literally, otherworldly. Oh, and invent sure ought major downtown (a 10-minute motivate from the Strip) ought restrain out a more artsy, hipster-y, dive bar-y class of scene.

Oh, what’s that? You’re thirsty backward sum that walking? Good news: There’s a barrier because each mood you’re in, sum within walking distance of the hotels above the Strip. I warn keeping things low-key grown-up ought make away afterward passing out similar a freshman.

Skip the loud, crowded spring-break-ish places, and major onto the patio of Parasol Down at the Wynn ought bask at the slightly tipsy afternoon flare under lovely spinning parasols. And the drinks (like the not-too-sweet rosé sangria and a fancy-looking gold-flake-dusted Champagne cocktail) are impartial because handsome because the children’s-music-box-on-shrooms-but-in-a-good-way decor.

PSA: vary hungry-you will eat The. Best. Meals. of your life here. I understand if getting some buffet operation is above your itinerary (you conduct you), besides seriously, the restaurants at this city are next level. because lunch, I had the ceviches (yeah, plural) of my dreams-and the fried-yucca-fritter-stuffed-with-mozzarella of my dreams that I didn’t even know I was dreaming of-at Once internal the Palazzo hotel.

Atop the Palms resort, overlooking sum the glittery lights of a Friday night, I had the most delicately decadent Italian banquet at Vetri Cucina. (We’re talking buttery swiss chard-stuffed gnocchi that floated down from the heavens, a sweet onion crepe drowned at white truffle fontina cheese, and a grilled seafood platter accordingly good, the tiny Mermaid used to dine her friends.)

The next night, my worry was blown at the highly Instagrammable (as in, there’s a bloom wall above your manner ought the hostess stand) capture internal the Aria Resort & Casino. acquire the Hellfire Roll-a spicy tuna rgeister that’ll destroy sum other spicy tuna rolls because you, finished off by a tableside remove torch(!)-the crispy shrimp, and the show-stopping oven-roasted sum branzino. (There’s plenty of other bomb dishes if you don’t dine seafood.) You won’t eat room because dessert. order it anyway.

It’s Vegas. You eat to. And there’s something because everyone, accordingly no excuses: magicians (Penn & Teller, Mat Franco, Criss Angel), pop divas doing residencies (Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Gwen Stefani, Cardi B, J.Lo, Christina Aguilera, sum the GOATs), a package of Cirque du Soleil shows, even Magic Mike Live.

Me, I took my internal ’90s tween ought shriek on Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life at the Zappos Theater at planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, where I casually lost my mind. I screamed, I sang across ought lyrics that apparently were buried deep internal my brain, and I chased backward A.J. when the boys danced down into the theater’s aisles, favourable never ought shriek on my friends again if it meant touching his skin jacket.

Pro tip: buy the $50 tee emblazoned with the boy band’s faces from the merch table, otherwise you will never excuse yourself.

The nightlife vibe, similar everything else at this city, is go large or face at home. And it does no acquire bigger than OMNIA. The multi-level nightclub at Caesars Palace features a lounge (playing hip-hop above the Friday evening we were there) and a terrace barrier and booths overlooking the colossal ball floor (first playing dance-y untz-untz music, followed by a DJ lay by Zedd). Above, a enormous moving chandelier from the future sprayed fog and confetti above the people under still dancers swung and swerved from the ceiling above ribbons. It was a lot. at a good way.

A lesson: It’s too simple ought lady $150 at blackjack if you don't indeed know how ought play blackjack. cane ought what you know. Or ought the slot machines. (I like slot machines.) if you expect ought play a desk sport without emotion intimidated by sum the rules (or annoyed by overly intention mansplaining players), see because the virtual blackjack and roulette machines above the casino floor.

And yes, the drinks are free. Repeat: Free. no good. Don’t attempt ought order a cocktail-cocktail here, mmkay? belief me. I ordered a piña colada. :::shudders:::

After your evening out, restrain yourself at ought the cute, laid-back, farmhouse-y vibes at Yardbird internal the Venetian resort.

No business how difficult you went, I promise: The irregular cottage elevated receive above classic southern relief provisions (think fried chicken with Vermont keen cheddar cheese waffle and bourbon maple syrup, crab cake benedict atop fried green tomatoes, and the best deviled eggs you’ve ever inhaled) will invent you feel better. The bloody Mary helps too.

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